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We are proud to announce a move further toward zero waste in our food operation intertwined with a move toward lowering our ecological footprint as a business. We are in the process of brokering a zone farming deal with a small farm right on our doorstep.

In a move normally only achieved by the likes of Raymond Blanc & Jamie Oliver we will be moving to a “farm to plate” model for our vegetables and fruit ingredients.

We will be sourcing what fruit we can from 3 Oaks Orchard, 0.6 miles (less than. One Food mile away). Locals may already be aware of the beautiful story behind The orchard which was planted by Iraj Poostchi and his daughter Pooneh in 2001 to provide quality, good value fruit for the community. As a trained agronomist who studied at Cornell and Berkeley, and once created a square grape, Mr Poostchi knew his subject. He turned 7 acres of pasture into an arcadia of fruit production with over 1,200 trees, including apple, pears, quince, greengage, plus the odd cherry, medler and fig.

Sadly, Mr Poostchi died in 2008, however the orchard is now looked after by his son in law, Nick and his son Oscar. The orchard is organic in everything but name, with minimal use of sprays and pesticides – simply healthy trees, in good soil left to produce naturally thanks to the small honey farm on site.

This year 3 oaks will be expanding in two directions – Social Farming, and growing vegetables. We are partnering with them to experiment with Zone Farming – having a section of their farm devoted to growing the freshest, local ingredients – such as heritage tomatoes – for the exclusive use of the Maltsters kitchen. We hope that you will be able to purchase some of these specially grown vegetables to try out our recipes for yourself.

The Maltster's Arms - Henley-On-Thames

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