Champagne & Sparkling Wine

Sparkling wine is a wine with significant levels of carbon dioxide in it, making it fizzy. While the phrase commonly refers to champagne, EU countries legally reserve that term for products exclusively produced in the Champagne region of France. Sparkling wine is usually either white or rosé, but there are examples of red sparkling wines such as the Italian Brachetto, Bonarda and Lambrusco, Spanish wine Cava, Australian sparkling Shiraz, and Azerbaijani “Pearl of Azerbaijan” made from Madrasa grapes. The sweetness of sparkling wine can range from very dry brut styles to sweeter doux varieties (French for ‘raw’ and ‘sweet’, respectively).

Sparkling Bin 1 £27.95 per bottle (75cl), £6.50 per glass (125ml)

Sparkling Bin 1

£27.95 per bottle (75cl), £6.50 per glass (125ml)

Prosecco – DOC Corte delle Calli Extra Dry

A classic Prosecco with aromas of white peach, pear and flowers. The palate is fresh, not too dry, and clean as a whistle all the way through to the sparkling finish.

  • Fresh
  • By The Glass or Bottle
  • Italy
Sparkling Bin 2 £39.95 per bottle (75cl), £6.50 per glass (125ml)

Sparkling Bin 2

£39.95 per bottle (75cl), £6.50 per glass (125ml)

Bolney Estate Bolney Bubbly Sparkling Wine

Delicious floral notes complement white peach and apple blossom flavours, leading to an elegant finish.

  • British
  • By the Glass or Bottle
Sparkling Bin 3 £59.95 per bottle (75CL)

Sparkling Bin 3

£59.95 per bottle (75CL)

Champagne Laurent-Perrier

A delicate nose with hints of fresh citrus and white flowers. The wine’s complexity is expressed in successive notes like vine peach and white fruits notes. A perfect balance between freshness and delicacy with fruity flavours very present on the finish.

  • France
  • Fresh
  • By The Bottle
Sparkling Bin 5 £194.95 per bottle (75cl)

Sparkling Bin 5

£194.95 per bottle (75cl)

Cuvee Dom Perignon

With its floral note, taffeta texture and linear finish, this balances power and restraint with precision and charm.

  • France
  • By the Bottle
Sparkling Bin 4 £84.95 per bottle (75cl)

Sparkling Bin 4

£84.95 per bottle (75cl)

Champagne Laurent-Perrier Rose

A precise nose of extraordinary freshness and a wide range of red fruits: raspberry, redcurrant, strawberry, black cherry. A fresh and sharp attack for this supple and rounded wine. On the palate, it offers the sensation of plunging into a basket of freshly picked red berries.

  • France
  • By the Bottle

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