Dessert & Fortified Wines

Dessert wines, sometimes called pudding wines, are sweet wines typically served with dessert.
There is no simple definition of a dessert wine. In the UK, a dessert wine is considered to be any sweet wine drunk with a meal, as opposed to the white[1] fortified wines (fino and amontillado sherry) drunk before the meal and the red fortified wines (port and madeira) drunk after it. Thus, most fortified wines are regarded as distinct from dessert wines, but some of the less-strong fortified white wines, such as Pedro Ximénez sherry and Muscat de Beaumes-de-Venise, are regarded as honorary dessert wines.

Bin D1 £19.95 per half bottle, £4.95 per glass (75ml)

Bin D1

£19.95 per half bottle, £4.95 per glass (75ml)

Manzanilla Barbiana, B.Rodriguez la Cave (half bottle)

Wonderful tangy Manzanilla with fresh aromas of green apple and nuts. The palate is light, very dry, yet concentrated and round, with the characteristic salty finish of this special zone within Jerez.

  • Spain
  • By the Glass or Bottle
Bin D2 £34.95 a half bottle , £8.95 a glass (75ml)

Bin D2

£34.95 a half bottle , £8.95 a glass (75ml)

Chateau La Fleur d’Or, Sauternes (half bottle)

An immediately inviting nose, combining apricot fruit, creamy patisserie notes and a certain citrus brightness, leads to a sweet yet beautifully balanced palate. Luscious but never cloying.

  • France
  • Sweet
Bin D3 £44.95 per bottle

Bin D3

£44.95 per bottle

Tokaji Late Harvest Cuvee, Sauska

Gorgeously rich yet precisely balanced, this classic Tokaji presents flavours of dried peach, apricot and toffee, all cut with a zesty citrus note. There is intensity and power here, but a lightness of touch that makes it decidedly moreish.

This goes fast as once tasted never forgotten.

  • By the Bottle
  • Hungary
  • Chef's Favourite
Bin P1 By the bottle £39.95, By the Glass £3.95 (50ml)

Bin P1

By the bottle £39.95, By the Glass £3.95 (50ml)

Ferreira LBV Port

The intense aroma is dominated by very ripe black fruit (blackcurrant, blackberry and prune), along with chocolate, cocoa, floral aromas and a slight hint of spices (pepper). In the mouth it is a full-bodied wine with great balance between sweetness and richness of structure.

  • Portugal
  • Chocolatey
  • Sweet & Spicey
Bin P2 £49.95 by the bottle, £4.95 by the glass

Bin P2

£49.95 by the bottle, £4.95 by the glass

Ferreira 10 Years Old Dona Antonia Tawny Port

The nose is characterised by an excellent balance between the floral and ripe fruit aromas of the grapes themselves and the spicy, dry fruit aromas of long ageing in barrel. The palate shows the classic, fresh Ferreira style, achieving fine balance and a long finish.

  • Portugal
  • Aged
  • Long Finish

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