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Our Coffee

Enjoy a coffee whilst you read a book or at the end of meal.
Knowing Coffee

Serious About Our Coffee

We use Dusty Ape coffee who roast by hand in small batches, carefully profiling all of their roasts to get the most from the beans and to ensure each batch is reproducible. Each roast imparts lessons about how best to perfect flavours in the cup; they use this knowledge to constantly improve the quality of their coffee.

There is no right or wrong way to enjoy coffee, but there is good and bad coffee.  Just as you instantly know the difference between processed and artisan bread, so too with commercial and hand-made coffee. Small-batch roasted coffee has greater vitality and preserves more of the bean’s true flavour.

Care and attention to detail in roasting and brewing coffee results in a better cup.

Artisan Flavour

You'll Be Back for More

The blend of coffee bean roasted for us by Duty Ape is known as “Moulton Toffee”. Full bodied, hand roasted 100% arabica coffee. An eruption of clean-tasting citrus notes followed by a sweet chocolate-caramel lava with a subtle floral aroma.

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