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Why go abroad?

The origins of Albariño are not universally agreed upon, either by ampelographers or winegrowers. Some believe that the variety is native to this corner of the Iberian Peninsula (insomuch as any grape can be considered truly “native” to Western Europe). Others believe that it was brought over by French monks in the 11th and 12th centuries via the Camino de Santiago. Still others believe its origins to be Germanic. “Alba” is a Latinate root for “white” and ”Rin” is the Rhine River, so it’s possible to interpret the name Albariño as “White of the Rhine”.

Wherever it came from originally, there is no dispute as to Albariño’s ancestral home in Spain: the Val do Salnés. You can soon enjoy a glass of this high citrus, white fruit explosion on our brand new covered terrace patio, accompanied by the continental sounds of our beautiful aviary. Maybe a plate of air dried Jamon with star anise?

It’s happening guys…. 5 weeks to go!!!
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www.themaltstersarms.co.uk holidays are around the corner on our terrace!

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